Amada and Regina were planning their wedding and looking for a bride-and-groom Geofilter for their Snapchat Channel, that all their guests would be using during their special event. They provided a sample Geofilter shown below, along with the other photos shown below of themselves/how they wanted to be standing/angled in the illustration, Regina's actual dress, what her bouquet would look like, and the overall color scheme (peacock) of the wedding. Amada would be wearing a white tux with blue accents. Final illustration is cartoonish/caricature for the main portrait part of the Geofilter artwork.

Client: Amada and Regina
Check out their YouTube Channel *

References //
// Initial Sketches //
// Geofilter Elements – Seal with floral/peacock feathers border //
// Typefaces //
// Used some illustrations from TheNounProject, changed the colors/strokes/weights to fit the design //
// Final portrait //
// TIme Lapse Video //
Not the actual painting process. Before recording this, some layers were already flattened.
// Geofilter mockup with no Snapped photo //
// Geofilter mockup with Snapped photo from their actual wedding //
// Final Geofilter artwork //
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