These are invitations for my sister who got married in September 2014. The theme for the bridal shower is all vintage. She was set on these invites that she had seen on Etsy, but we thought why not make them. The thing is, she loved the Etsy invites so much that she wanted hers to look just like them. So we decided to recreate them from scratch, still making sure to add a personal touch like with the custom lettering, mailing labels, different (some similar) typefaces, own flowers, etc. My sister being very creative/DIY and because they are her invites, she provided the creative direction. She also found the stamps, and the envelopes which tied in with the accent color of the wedding. And she helped with the photography. Hopefully she will be a designer in the near future!

Creative Direction/Assist Production: Gina Cappilla
Credit to the designer of the card that inspired this design. She wished not to be credited or linked. 

~ Custom Lettering Animated ~
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