~ Logo use for project purposes only ~

This project was done for Branded Research/Flight School Publishing.

// Process //
The original artwork were print outs and really rough flattened PDFs, not made for animation, and not in the dimensions of the iPad. My role was to recreate the illustrations (original images referenced), by redoing the linework, recoloring the images, and preparing all the layering for animation. Most images, I added up to a 1/2in on the borders to fit the iPad dimensions (1024 x 768). 
The client also wanted to add pages, games, and other assets into the storybook app. Some of the games, some of the pages, as well as some of the assets were created from scratch with the direction of the client/art director.

// Goal //
To make this fun and interactive for a kid with the use of popular kids' games relative to the story, as well as having most of the animations interactive by the user touching images on the screen. Pop-up text boxes, soundFX, and voice audio for the story added in development.

Client: Branded Research/Flight School Publishing
Owners/Art Direction: Rhett McNulty and Matt Gaffney
Animator: Another Artist (for most animations in this project)
Creator of Koala Logo Character: Anthony Rollins | 
~ App Thumbnail ~
~ Page descriptions not actual text from the story ~
page 1 - Buddy's in the city.

~ Original Work: the lights on, stop sign, and smoke ~
page 2 - Buddy needs a wash.

~ Original Work: the washing game/assets with direction of client and taxi smile frames ~
page 3 - Buddy's having a snow day.

~ Original Work: the snow animation, the snowman, and the giant snowflakes ~
(the final product will have a different snow effect)
page 4 - Buddy's enjoying "the birds and the bees, and the flowers and the trees.

~ Original Work: the bee assets ~
page 5 - Buddy's dreaming of the country.

~ Original Work: the matching game animation and butterfly assets ~
(the final product will be similar animation)
page 6 - Buddy has engine trouble on the job.

~ Original Work: whole scene, the businessman, and open door frames ~
(some assets from other pages)
page 7 - Buddy's waiting for Eddie and Betty.

~ Original Work: the spelling game and water assets ~
page 8 - Buddy and Eddie are looking for a place in the country.

~ Koala character is the logo of Flight School Publishing and was created by Anthony Rollins ~
page 9 - Eddie and Betty are talking about living in the country.

~ Original Work: the egg cracked open and crack frames ~
page 9 - Matching Game

~ Original Work: whole scene ~
(foreground assets from previous scene)
page 10 - Joyriding in the country.

~ Original Work: the sun ~
page 11 - Buddy reminisces about the city.

~ Original Work: whole scene ~
(some assets from other pages)
page 12 - Buddy and Eddy are enjoying the country.

~ Original Work: the chimney smoke ~
page 13 - Eddy and Betty are looking for a house.

~ Original Work: the game with direction of client, chimney smoke and rooster in barn ~
(game assets from other pages)
page 14 - Eddy takes Buddy to the mechanic.

~ Original Work: the garage door and garage door animation ~
page 15 - Eddie likes Buddy's new look.

~ Original Work: the math game/assets ~
page 16 - Buddy got suped up!

~ Original Work: frames for taxi eye wink and smile frames ~
page 17 - Buddy's got competition.

~ Original Work: animation and smoke ~
(final product will have different animation)
page 17 - Memory Game

~ Original Work: the game with direction from client ~
(car assets from previous scene)
page 18 - Buddy's killing the races!
page 18 - Racing Game

~ Original Work: game/assets with direction from client ~
~ Thanks for watching ~
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