"Compass is building the first modern real estate platform, pairing the industry’s top talent with technology to make the search and sell experience intelligent and seamless. Since our launch in 2012, we’ve aimed to simplify the real estate process, one market at a time. With agents and teams serving vibrant communities coast to coast, Compass is now among the country's largest owned luxury brokerages." (https://www.compass.com)
* Compass logo provided by client *

Chief Creative Director: Matt Spangler | https://www.linkedin.com
Senior Art Director: David Rager | https://www.linkedin.com
Senior Art Director: Jeremiah Chiu | https://www.linkedin.com
Marketing Manager: Cathy Cao | https://www.linkedin.com
Senior Marketing Associate: Blakely Thornton | https://www.linkedin.com
Marketing Coordinator: Jerel De Peralta | https://www.linkedin.com
Marketing Coordinator: Kristina Lance | https://www.linkedin.com
Agent Operations: Amanda Tomkins | https://www.linkedin.com

// Details //
Had the privilege a couple years ago working on the marketing/design team for Compass at their Beverly Hills office during the prep for the Beverly Hills grand opening and expansion in other regions of Southern California. The marketing/design team was/is killer and so grateful for the experience. Got to work on a variety of marketing pieces like print ads for various publications, brochures, mailers, door knockers, posters, illustrations, infographics, animated GIFs, signage, email blasts, presentation assets, and more. Below are some of the projects, some were more creative working with the team and directors, and others were more production work cranking out collateral using provided templates working with Agent Ops and Marketing. Two main sections following: Creative and Production.​​​​​​​​​​​​​​


// Advertisements – LA Times, MLS, Palisadian Post, Big Sunday, Toluca Poster Ads //
// Newsletters/Flyers //
// Mailers/Door Knockers //
// Digital and Hand Illustrations //
* Reference rendering below on right provided *
* The following vector line art illustrations were created as parts of a large mural that was to be done at a live showing at the @compass Beverly Hills grand opening a little while back. The illustrations included portraits of the founders/sen. advisor and a collection of famous Los Angeles landmarks and various L.A. house styles. The goal was to keep the illustrations minimal as part of Compass's branding and with the limited time to put up the mural at the event. *
// Infographics/Mailers, Email Blast, Web Banner //
// Signage //
// Letterheads //

// Advertisements – LA Times, MLS, Pasadensa Outlook Ads //
* These are various grids used weekly for different amounts of properties and different ads specs per each publication. Was introduced to a cool software called DocsFlow for integrating Google Docs with InDesign. Marketing would input the agents' listing info into Google Docs and the copy would auto populate into the InDesign doc with all correct fonts, leading, etc. Created some of these grids to certain specs. *
// Signage //
// Mailers //
// Animated GIFs //
* Assets/Artwork provided, I worked on the animation of the letters/number counting and created the GIFs *
// Thanks for viewing //
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