CityTV is a local cable station for the city of Santa Monica. They were asking for a logo for their upcoming cooking program, Santa Monica Family Favorites. Working in a team, we had to do research on Santa Monica's demographics. We also did research on the color palettes and it's cooking show competitors, keeping in mind these are logos meant for TV/web. I had the honor in having my logo selected by the client to be used for the upcoming cooking show.

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Client: CityTV | 
Director: Robin Gee (Cable TV & Public Info Mgr of City TV)
Instr: Richard Khanbabians, AiCALA

// BW/Variation //

// Color Palette //
The goal was to use warm, friendly, and “edible” tones that would help to reinforce the show’s bright and friendly personality.
// Typeface //
Gill Sans can be a good display font showing boldness and legibility, making it perfect for television.
// Some Application //
// Other Rough Concepts //
// Thanks for viewing //
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