"Learn to make and market great video content. CreatorUp! is the place where creators can learn how to make great video projects. Our channel has free tutorials on everything from storytelling, to production, and marketing. What's the story with CreatorUp!? We're University of Southern California (USC) Film School graduates who loved the creative collaboration experience we had in film school so much that we wanted to keep it going every day, and thanks to the internet, we can! Our teachers have making web projects down to a science since that's just what they do - and they love meeting new creators and helping them make their own projects, just like we did with our friends in film school. We're working with you every day to find out what you want to learn, and putting it with everything that was great about film school - the creative freedom, the joy of making something your own, the passion of realizing a vision, and the fun of working together."(https://www.youtube.com/user/CreatorUpNetwork/about)

"We’re your digital content sherpas: creative and strategic pros, guiding you through a changing media landscape. CreatorUp is a digital creative studio and the world’s leading digital media training company, powering clients like Google, YouTube, SXSW and more. We’re passionate about sharing industry-leading knowledge to unlock the power of content."

Decks created for CreatorUp! | https://creatorup.com
Mitchel Dumlao, Instructor/Multimedia, branding, marketing specialist | http://mitcheldumlao.com 
Sophia Flot-Warner, Instructor/Project Mgr/Actress, voice-over artist, model | http://www.sophiaflot-warner.com 

// Project Details //
CreatorUp! was looking for slideshow presentation decks to be used for their training classes/workshops. These needed to be designed in Google Slides. Working with Sophia and Mitchel, they provided all copywrite and notes on what type of imagery content was generally needed per slide. Some slides I was free to choose imagery to match the content. Researching the company and their fresh website I based the style elements (color, fonts, graphics, etc) on their brand identity. Imagery/graphics were pulled from the company's stock library and old presentations, as well as  from stock sites like those found here (might be helpful to your projects), The Noun Project, Google (images used for workshop presentations only), and my personal stock library. Content like the iPhone and website screen mockups, graphs, and some graphics were created from scratch. These are two sets of presentations, one set for each 6-week workshop, one presentation per week, for a total of 12 presentations. The second set of presentations I had a little more fun with, and were based off another designer's deck that was used for another presentation, and also based on one of the company's old decks. Set 1 is clean and minimal, and Set 2 is more experimental. I tried to keep the text large enough and readable for a classroom while making sure all the content fit and stayed true to the overall looks. Using Google Slides only a few times in the past, I think it's great for creating slideshow presentations and is now a go-to, along with InDesign.

NOTE: Due to containing proprietary info, only a preview of 5 of the 12 decks are displayed below.
Press PLAY button below each image or click each image to flip through slideshows.

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// Set 2 //
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