The class as a team had to create a collective publication. Individual groups decided on the type/layout design, illustration style, photography/video style, print production, digital, and editing. 

Process //
Based on the guidelines of the groups, each student had to choose their own four taboos to research on, write the articles, create the illustrations, take their own photography/video, and finally design their own layouts, all to prepare for the final print, as well as the digital. Digital Publishing Suite (DPS) was used for the digital publication.

Final //
Print: 10.5in x 14in (Single Layouts)
Digital (iPad): 1024px x 768px (Layouts for Horizontal/Vertical)
Cover by: Marco Morales |
// 6-Column Grid //
// Vampirism //
 DPS Horizontal & Vertical Layouts  V
Illustration/Image Manipulation/Photography  V
Illustration style inspired by: Jeremy Kyle |
// Freeganism //​​​​​​​
V  DPS Horizontal & Vertical Layouts  V
V Illustration/Photography/Retouch V
V  DPS Horizontal & Vertical Layouts  V
V  Image Manipulation/Photography  V
// Censorship //
V  DPS Horizontal & Vertical Layouts  V
 Image Manipulation  V
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