This is a motion video for Stella Rosa Winery's recent Photo Instagram contest that was posted on YouTube and Facebook with the goal to attract their younger demographic. The color palette, logo, and typeface were provided by the client, but we were given the creative freedom to expand on the colors, design the graphics, and storyboard and develop a motion video keeping in mind details from the client.

Client: Dante Colombatti/Stella Rosa Winery |
Collab with designer Blake Tsutsui |
// OR //
// Logo Animation //
This is a logo motion video intro for the Stella Rosa Winery's brand, Stella Rosa Black that's is now being used on their YouTube videos for wine recipes. The color palette, star graphics, and logo were provided by the client.
// OR //
This was a second motion video for Stella Rosa Winery's Video Instagram contest. This one didn't fall through and was left incomplete with no
voiceover and left with photo assets instead of video assets at the beginning and end of video.

// Process //

// Thanks for viewing //
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