"Meet Paul Fig, Strategic Advisor & Coach, a creative and impactful leader driven to help people grow, and change their lives for the better. Paul’s mission is to help passionate individuals overcome challenges, and create positive change that sticks. The goal is to move people to a state of purpose, focus, accomplishment, confidence, resiliency, and meaning. Paul Fig is the missing piece to help make that change. He helps clients change their trajectory and improve self-management skills by taking action, creating consistency, and applying a little hustle. Paul does this through a combination of one-on-one client consultations, workshops, and a DIY package. Paul’s approach entails discovery, program implementation, and results-oriented growth. From planning to execution, Paul makes the complex simple, and inspires people to take action and create a better life through positive change." (https://paulfigla.com/#about)

Agency: Menikmati Labs | https://menikmatilabs.com
Client: PaulFigLA | https://paulfigla.com

// Details //
Working with owner of agency, Menikmati Labs, Jerel De Peralta, and their client Paul Fig, here's the exploration, development, and final brand identity for Paul Fig's strategic advisory and coaching business, Paulfigla. Starting with the logo, Paul wanted something "clean, bold, and minimal", which also included a simple color palette of black, white, and gray. Paul's company teamed up with Beach Body, making health/fitness one key element of his life-changing program. So the possibility of giving the logo/brand a fitness/health feel was explored. Also, Paul has an engineering background and Jerel expressed his client's appreciation for geometric shapes, clean lines, and precision. Below is work on the logo and various explorations with captions explaining the concept/direction, the style guide designed for the client showcasing the final logo, logo scalability, fonts, colors, brand elements usage, logo measurements that Menikmati Labs plans to use for signage, and a logo animation that was created just for fun (maybe present to agency). The Paulfigla website was then crafted by Menikmati Labs.

// Final Logo //
// Minimal Schematics, more detailed in the style guide further down //
// Signage //
Found this cool signage mockup template at GK Creative, check them out: https://www.gkmockups.com
// Experimental Logo Animation //
// Style Guide //
// Brand Elements that can be used for a quotation or an announcement //
// The Paulfigla website was crafted by Menikmati Labs //
See it live here: https://paulfigla.com
// Logo Exploration //
// Thanks for viewing //
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