"Founded in 2002 and strategically located in Los Angeles, SKINN is an award-winning, global skincare and cosmetics company. We pride ourselves in developing the latest advancements in skincare science offered at affordable prices. Our on-site research and development laboratory and manufacturing facility make SKINN unique - allowing us to lead innovation while empowering a broader audience to access premium skincare. You'll also notice we make a conscious effort to avoid wasteful packaging. Instead, we invest in highly concentrated, efficacious lab fresh formulations with transparent ingredient decks. Our products are naturally void of what we like to refer to as our No Thank You List – ingredients commonly known to cause concern such as parabens, sulfates, and other unnecessary fillers and preservatives."(https://skinn.com)
* Skinn logo provided *

Client: Skinn Cosmetics | http://www.skinn.com
Global Marketing Director: Uwe Karbenk | https://www.linkedin.com
Product Line Director: Istvan Hrichak | http://www.youthisachoice.com
Assisted final revision to logo: Ali Spondello | https://www.linkedin.com

// Details //
Skinn Cosmetics was working on a product line called Innovative Beauty Lab. The line was to include skin ointments, creams, and various skin application tools. Istvan, Uwe, and their team had a specific vision for the brand like the font, color palette, and product finishes, so worked closely with Istvan and Uwe throughout the project. Below is the branding, packaging artwork, package/product photo mockups, product application digital illustrations, and final presentation deck created for their pitch to one of the largest home shopping networks.

// Logo //
// Color Palette //
// Typeface //
// Packaging Mockups, Product Shots, Process //
 // Nano Line //
 // Ultrasound Line //
 // Vaporizer Line //
// Some Presentation Slides and Illustrations //
* Not all of the presentation deck is shown due to privacy of one of the tools *
// Thanks for viewing //
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