"David Brizendine conducts himself with the utmost professionalism to deliver impressive results to his valued clients. As a specialist in the Acquisition and Marketing of Residential, Luxury, and Investment Properties, you may trust in his knowledgeable and insightful assessment and careful analysis. Through his valuable expertise and dedication, he is able to provide his clients with excellent opportunities that currently exist in the distinct communities located within the Greater Westside LA real estate market. Diligently acting on behalf of his clients David and his team deliver impressive results that readily exceed their clients’ expectations." (https://www.compass.com)

Client: David Brizendine, The Brizendine Group | https://www.compass.com
Logomark created by Seth Cox | https://nexamarketing.com
*Compass logo, dot/topographical patterns, icons are brand assets of Compass*

// Details //
David wanted to make an update to his company's logotype as well as update the brand identity, keeping the current brand colors and exploring the use of their turquoise accent color, as well as exploring fonts and overall brand identity. As a part of Compass, he wanted to develop some marketing content incorporating, and that would go alongside the Compass branding as well. Below are the updates to his logotype, logo lockup, and Compass lockup, brand identity exploration and final brand guidelines, the design of his notepad and the options explored, and the artwork and content of the monthly market update newsletter.

// Before and After – Logotype update and logo lockup //
// Logo – Color variations //
// Compass Lockup – Color variations //
// Style Guide – One sheet and type example //
// Notepad and Market Update Newsletter //
// Some Notepad Exploration //
// Logotype and Typography Exploration //
// Final Options – Logotype, type/color usage, turquoise color update //
// Thanks for viewing //
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