This project is based on the novel, The Contortionist's Handbook, by Craig Clevenger. I had to choose a book that I would want to see as a motion picture and create a title sequence for it. I got to choose my dream cast of actors, who I thought would be a good fit for the character roles, and the direction of either video or motion graphics. Inspired by sequences by Saul Bass and the Catch Me If You Can title sequence and my interest with motion graphics, I went in this direction. Every choice from the colors, the song (from the book), the flashes, the objects, the use of lines, to the six-digit hand has a connection to the story. The final shot of the video is the opening scene of the book. Instr: Ni Glynn, AiCALA

// Brief Synopsis of Novel //

John Dolan Vincent is a talented young forger with a proclivity for mathematics and drug addiction. In the face of his impending institutionalization, he continually reinvents himself to escape the legal and mental health authorities and to save himself from a life of incarceration. But running turns out to be costly. Vincent's clients in the L.A. underworld lose patience, the hospital evaluator may not be fooled by his story, and the only person in as much danger as him is the woman who knows his real name. (Wiki)
// Some frames //

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