These are wedding invitations for my sister and her husband who just got married this past September. The theme for the wedding was an all fall/vintage theme, and it turned out amazing! Like my sister's bridal shower invites, which can be seen here (, she had her mind set on a few different looks of invitations that she had seen on Etsy. She pulled together everything from the burlap and lace to the envelopes/liner, calligrapher, stamp, and postage. And with a few references, combined with the creativity of my sis, my mom, and myself, this became the end result. 

Credit to the designers of the invitations that inspired this design.

Creative Direction/Assist Production: Gina Cappilla
Assist Creative/Production: Kay Cappilla

Calligraphy by Kat's Kalligraphy |
Stamp Design by MJs Art Stamps |
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