CityTV is a local cable station for the city of Santa Monica. They were asking for a new logo to replace the 2010 logo of the Santa Monica Vote portion of their TV programming and website, SMVote provides the local political and election news for the residents of the city of Santa Monica, CA. Working in a team, we had to do research on Santa Monica's demographics. We also did research on it's competitors, color palettes and other political branding, keeping in mind these are logos meant for TV/web. While my logos weren't selected by the client, I was able to explore a direction that I haven't too much.

Client: CityTV |
Director: Robin Gee (Cable TV & Public Info Mgr of City TV)
Instr: Richard Khanbabians, AiCALA
Concept/Designer: Chris Cappilla
Option 1
Sketch   |   Rough   |   Final BW
Noticing that there are different types of red, white, and blue used for political branding, such as a vintage look (washed out colors/off-white), traditional colors (primary colors), and modern colors, I went with the modern, more vibrant red and blue to stay current and what's NOW.
// Other logo presented to the client //
Option 2
Option 3
// Rough designs that didn't make the cut​​​​​​​ //
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