Youth is a Choice is a blog and upcoming product line by MUA and cosmetic industry professional, Istvan Hrichak. "He has been in the industry for 15 years. His time in the beauty industry has given him access to all the products in the world, from $5 drug store cleansers to $500 luxury face creams. His obsession with skincare has him researching ingredients and formulations, searching for the most efficacious products." (

Client: Istvan Hrichak, Youth is a Choice |
Youth Is A Choice #Forever27

Project Details //
Istvan was looking for a logo for his blog as well as his upcoming product line. He wanted a logotype that was clean and modern, and wanted the word "YOUTH" to have a subtle emphasis over the other words in the logotype, to emphasize what his company's vision and mission is about, looking and feeling younger. He also wanted a logo that would have various lockups: horizontal/vertical inlines and stacked, for application on his website as well as his upcoming product line. Also created packaging logo mockups/vector illustrations of various bottles that Istvan liked as logo application and product visuals.
// Horizontal/Vertical Logo Lockups //
// Stacked Logo Lockup​​​​​​​ //
// Logo Applications/Packaging Vector Illustrations //
// Package Modeling Wireframes //
// Website Application //
// Thanks for viewing //
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