"Digital // Print // Handcraft"

Vidhama Studios – Rebrand
Emi Housekeeping – Logo Design + Business Card
AV Construction – Brand Identity + Marketing
Skinn Cosmetics – ABC Peel Product Shots/Retouch
Spotify Secret Genius Awards – Event Animations
Paulfigla – Brand Identity + Logo Animation
Logos In Motion – Set 2
CreatorUp! – Slideshow Presentation Decks
Amada and Regina's Wedding – Snapchat Geofilter Artwork
Team Macias – Brand Identity + Marketing Collateral
Guiding Light Coaching – Logo Design + Animation
LC Luxe – Logo Design + Animation
Tail Lights™ Instr. Manuals – Design, Illustrate, Print
Inline Distributing Co – Branding + Marketing Material
Makeup and Hair by Paola – Logo + Social Media Artwork
NBCUniversal – Motion + Design for Social Media
Youth Is A Choice - Logo Design + Packaging
Ozone Clean Technologies – Brand Identity + Animation
Skinn Cosmetics/IBL – Brand, Pack, Photos, Illustration
Krampus Postcard Illustration
Alfalfa Illustration
Logos In Motion – Set 1
MAGIC Fashion Tradeshow – Print, Digital, Web, etc.
Cabeau – Print/Web/Motion Marketing Collateral
TRACE/TraceUp – Motion + Video Work
Santa Monica Family Favorites/City TV – Logo Design
Paper Towns Movie Poster Illustration
Tail Lights™ – Brand, Pack, Print, Illustrate
E.V. Roberts – Print, Digital, Web
AVAD LLC – Web + Print Material
Promier Products – Brand Refresh + Repack
Vintage Wedding Invitations
Cars Children Storybook App – Illustration + Animation
Music Video // Shyfty Semantics - #Yallknowthecode
Stella Rosa – Motion Work
The Contortionist's Handbook Title Sequence
C2C Life Coaching/GLC – Brand Identity + Cert Design
Gillette Advertisements
Team Solomid – Logo Animation Intro
Expressive TYPE Illustrations
Personal Branding/Portfolio 2013
How To Wrap 5 Eggs
Car Manual Infographic System
Oppression and Violence Against Women Illustration #2
One Candle, 6 Movements
Oppression and Violence Against Women Illustration #1
Bridal Shower Invitations
Headshots – Photoshoot + Retouch
Energizer Brand Experiment – Rebrand + Repack
Match-Made Log
Psychic Bunny – CEMENT SUITCASE Feature End Credits
Pool Balls in Illustrator
StriveTV/LA Canvas – Event Logo + Flyer
Grids...No Grids
Cultural Taboo Publication
Graphite On Paper
Ice Breakers Brand Experiment – Stop Motion Commercial
Art Movement Posters
Bamboo & Water
Illustration for The Alchemist
Rtsm Publication
2 LIVE CREW Interview – Editing + Color Correct
Experimental TYPE
Shape In Motion
SMVote/Santa Monica – VOTE 2012 Logo Exploration
Color Theory of a Dragon
Experimental "TYPE THREE"
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